Jade3 was the winner of the 2012 Kirklees Excellence in the Community Award. The Jade3 Architecture team are fortunate enough to have forward thinking designers who create practical, imaginative designs with tried and tested, technically proven, deliverable solutions. We also offer support to in-house design teams through the construction industry. We have a wealth of local knowledge and mixed use experience, and can add value through quality design to any project within the building industry.


We work in collaboration with local M and E consultants to offer clients a sustainability design consultancy service for BREEAM and Eco Sustainable Homes assessments. We create eco friendly designs that reduce running costs, with zero impact CO2 solutions that ensure all materials are from local resources or renewable energies.


The Jade3 Visulalisation Team is a creative team of designers supported by state of the art 3D and rendering software technologies. We offer support to in-house design teams and external clients throughout the construction industry. We have a wealth of graphics and media experience that can add value to any project. We have the latest software that can provide full animation flythrough with sound and movement so that you can experience the environment as though you are really there!

Community Consultations

Our consultation with the community is an important part of the design process. This is to engage the community to achieve a more holistic design and meet the aspirations of all parties.

Design and Build (design stage)

Jade3 uses state of the art 3D modelling software that allows laypeople, clients, local authority officers, consultants and others ease of visualising proposals in 3D. This approach has been very successful as a design tool and each project, regardless of size, is treated with the same passion and dedication. The software allows designers to explore the design in detail and work out awkward detail junctions from the outset to avoid abortive work on site. It uses animation movements, reflection of materials and sound to transform a boring still image or design concept into a lively and realistic project that suddenly becomes alive!

Design and Build (build stage)

Jade3 has a unique, strategic collaboration with other designers and architects who co-exist and work in a complementary manner. Jade3 works in partnership with a variety of local builders and main contractors to offer a full turnkey solution at a competitive cost. The design and build approach meets the aspirations of all parties and quality and standards expectations within a construction cost budget. Jade3 will ensure that each stage of the build process, from design to on site management, is seamless. This design and build approach will take all the stress away from you and help you turn your dreams into reality.


We create holistic, functional interior spaces which work with both external and internal environments. We ensure that the spaces are user friendly and DDA compliant.

Urban Masterplanning

Our Urban Masterplanning team are experienced masterplanners that can assess maximum site densities to ensure the financial viability of a site from the outset. Our approach relies on a real understanding of building use classes and associated operational needs, site constraints and market viability. Jade3 are passionate with regard to urban masterplanning and will create designs that are practical and can be implemented in phases to suit your budget.

Expert Witness

Jade3 has a wealth of knowledge in architecture and the building industry and can assist in solving any potential disputes in a professional manner.

Trouble Shooter

Jade3 has the ability to assist and rescue clients with schemes that may have planning or building control issues. Jade3 can assist and provide information swiftly to suit deadlines.

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