Aloha Leisure

The Aloha caters for extreme sports including indoor sky diving, BMX biking, skate boarding, caveing, aerial climbing and rock climbing and has a refreshments and souvenir shop. view more images >

Our wide portfolio of retail design and build spans small to large projects view>

Business Model Parc

Jade3 has been preparing a feasibility concept for a business model parc that showcase the local businesses with a visitor centre. This is an exciting concept and requires the support of local businesses to turn it into reality. view more images >


Jade3 has been involved in the remodelling of Sikh Leisure Centre to create additional accommodation for conferencing and wedding suites. view more images >

West Malaysia

We provided a design concept for a hospital in West Malaysia including an open plan pharmacy with central waiting area with medical suites on the perimeter. view more images >

Rotherham Market

Jade3 has been involved with the remodelling of the fašade and interior of Rotherham market to create a new visual focal entrance and provide better pedestrian flow into the covered markets. view more images >


Jade3 prepared various feasibilities for a mixed use redevelopment for an oriental village concept. It is based on an interpretation of the traditional Oriental architecture but expressed in an innovative , modern manner. view more images >

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