Michael Chow

Founding director Michael Chow is a Chartered Architect and Urban Masterplanner and promotes green sustainable design solutions. He has achieved many accolades in his career and has helped Jade3 win the Kirklees Excellence in the Community Award recently. Michael is responsible for new business developments and carries out all the up front feasibility studies and design concepts to ensure their viability. He manages the Group Practice and provides motivation and enthusiasm to the design team members.

Imad Amjad

Imad is a Part 2 student who has a wealth of IT and 3D software knowledge. He has been with Jade3 since his part 1 and has learnt a lot from Jade3 and also been a great support to the design team.

Shakeel Faqir

Shak assists with business development opportunities. He has a wealth of local business knowledge and also assists with the day to day running of the practice.

Gursh Matharu

Gursh is a part time consultant for Jade3 and has a wealth of technical expertise in putting buildings together on site in a practical manner. He has extensive knowledge of building materials and a good eye for detailing to match the design intent.

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